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Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 October 2017 07:01 Written by John Sherrill Tuesday, 24 October 2017 11:34

In 2010 I opened the Midwest Ammonia Training Center to provide a training resource where the ammonia refrigeration industry could find the very best training for industrial refrigeration operators.  With a RETA Testing Center co-located with a classroom and all classes taught by a RETA Authorized Instructor and a focus on knowledge acquisition and retention we were very successful in helping our participants to acquire RETA certification and to help their employers reach maximum profitability.

In 2015 I realized the industry needs were greater than one trainer in a small training center in central Indiana could meet.  I studied the state of the Industrial Refrigeration Training industry at that time and realized there was only one organization that held themselves to the same standards I had aspired to.  I opened negotiations with Wagner-Meinert LLC in the spring of 2015 and joined their Safety Services Training Group in July of that year.

If you are looking for Industrial Refrigeration Operator training from the best trainers in the industry with a focus on helping your operators gain the foundation and advanced knowledge they need to excel in your facility, we have the trainers and resources to get the job done. Whether you want to send your people for fully immersed focused training or you would rather we come to your facility, Wagner-Meinert Safety Services Training Group can affordably meet your needs.

Thank  you for your support of MATC.  I am confident we are now even better positioned to help your operators become the very best they can be while helping you to meet your regulatory obligations.  This webpage will redirect to Wagner-Meinert's web page in one minute.  To access the Wagner-Meinert Safety Services Training site click here.

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